Cookin’ Up Pumpkin

Cookin’ Up Pumpkin

Fall is the time of year for cooking up those tasty savory pumpkin soups and the creamy, sweet pumpkin pie. Yum! Here are some great pumpkin varieties perfect for cooking up those cool-weather comfort foods!

Cooking Pumpkins
All pumpkins are not created equal when it comes to cooking. Jack O’Lantern varieties are stringy and super bland in flavor. Instead, opt for varieties that are sweet, flavorful, and have a smoother texture. Look for pumpkins that are labeled as ‘sugar pumpkins’ or ‘pie pumpkins’. These varieties include Baby Pam, Autumn Gold, Lumina (these are white pumpkins), Cinderella, and Ghost Rider. The best cooking pumpkins should be between 4-8 pounds.

Keep your pumpkins fresh by placing them in a cool temperature. When stored properly, pumpkins can last up to a whopping 90 days! You could be making pumpkin pies well past Christmas! Also, pumpkin purée freezes very well for future cookery!

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